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Customized Wire Display System - price depending on configuration

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Customized Wire Display is a cable posting system for poster displays and / or leaflets supports. The price is calculated depending on the configuration.

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    2-3 working days
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Wire Display is an indoor display that combines various displays or dispensers made of transparent acrylic (plexiglass), with steel cable and metal accessories for accomplishing a stylish and versatile ensemble, exhibiting different printings. Wire Display can be used for setting up shop-windows, showrooms, or interior walls and any areas where a large number of posters or leaflets are displayed, and regularly changed.

The Wire Display System includes different sizes of displays or dispensers made of 2mm transparent
acrylic (plexiglass), which are mounted on the steel cables with aluminum clamps. The mounting on the ceiling, walls, or floor is done with aluminum floor-to-ceiling fasteners. The posters can be easily changed whenever is needed.
The system of the Wire Display is modular and adapts easily according to the user's specific needs and space, both at the beginning and subsequently. The graphics are highlighted by the professional combination of plexiglass (transparent acrylic plastic) and metal.
material: printed paper / graphic layout size:  depending on the configuration
assembled product: depending on the configuration
wrapping: bubble folio and cardboard / packages sizedepending on configurationweight: depending on configuration

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 - 3-6 working days, from the date of the products' completion for locations in the European Union, depending on the country of destination.


For the rented products, the delivery fee applies for round-trip deliveries.


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