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Tent 450x300cm

Price excl. VAT: €510.0
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Exhibition / advertising tent of 4.5x3m size.

  • Production:
    2-3 working days
  • It contains:
    1 textile bag
  • Graphics:
    ✅ 1440 dpi ✅ washable ✅ interchangeable
  • Advantages:
    ✅ easy to assemble ✅ 1 year warranty ✅ easy to transport and store
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The portable Exhibition Tent is a perfect solution for outdoor events. The Exhibition Tent protects from UV rays, wind, and rain and allows the activity to be carried out without interruption, regardless of the weather conditions.

The foldable Exhibition Tents should be used if you need a little shade or protection from wind and rain. During festivals and concerts, they are used as points of sale, and but also as medical help points. They also support the promotion activity and strengthen the brand's notoriety with the printed canopy and sides.

The Exhibition Tent is a foldable aluminum structure, which is covered with a 195g / m2 waterproof textile cover. Thanks to the expandable system of aluminum profiles, it can be easily transported and mounted without tools, in a very short time. The height can be adjusted as needed using the click system and selecting one of the 6 preset options. Thus the total height can be 254, 304, 312, 320, 328, or 336 cm. The support poles should be anchored to the ground using the included pins. Optionally, special weights of 7Kg can be added for each pillar, ensuring increased resistance and stability. 
The system is provided with a textile bag for ease of transport and storage.

For the roof, you can choose one of the standard colors available (white, black, red, blue, green, or yellow) for the canopy & side flaps; or you can opt for the completely customized printed version. The sides of the systems are 300 cm wide and the front and rear parts are 300, 445, or 595 cm depending on the model.

For assembling, position the structure with the feet on the ground and extend, pulling the corners, up to 3/4 of the total width. Wrap the structure with a waterproof canopy and arrange it at the corners using velcro strips. Extend the structure until the sliders click and lock in position. Tilt the system to one side and extend your legs until you reach the desired height. Repeat for the other legs. If the case, the side walls should be applied using the velcro strips. The exhibition tent should be anchored using pins and/or weights.
The Exhibition Tent protects and allows no-interuptions outdoor events, regardless of the weather conditions.

material: printed waterproof textile material 195g/m2 graphic layout size2 x canopy sides L: 298cm; H: 180cm +
2 x canopy sides L: 448cm; H: 180cm / 2 x side flaps L: 298cm; H: 33cm + 2 x side flaps L: 448cm; H: 33cm / Side panels L: 304cm; H: 204cm / Side panels L: 452cm; H: 204cm

assembled product: L: 450cm; H: 254 - 336cm; W: 300cm
wrapping: textile bag and cardboard / packages sizeL: 163cm; H: 30cm; W: 40cmweight: 21Kg (without customisation)

Graphic layout

If you choose a product or an option that includes graphics/print, we will need a file with the graphic layout to complete the order. Your Sales Representative can provide you with the Graphic Specifications and templates for the product of interest.

Also, if you want us to create the graphic layout you can place an order on the website choosing SE020 - DTP services (/working hour) or you can send us an e-mail at with instructions and all the necessary details (logo, text, pictures, etc.). Later, the Sales Representative will return with a price quotation.

If you already have the graphics/print or intend to produce and install by yourself, for compatibility, please compare in advance its size and features with those mentioned in the product description and in the graphic specifications file.

The graphic specifications of the layout are as follows:

•  total dimensions: depending on the product; check the field "graphic layout size" in the detailed description of each product,

•  the artwork should be built as one file, without bleed/trimming marks,

•  scale: 1:1,

•  file format: TIFF, JPG, PDF, CDR, EPS, PSD, AI - we recommend TIFF,

•  color mode: RGB, CMYK or RGB, CMYK si Pantone combinations (only in PDF or AI files),

•  picture resolution of minimum 72 dpi. We recommend you send the file with a resolution of 150 dpi or higher,

•  all Corel Draw files must have fonts converted to outlines (if graphics are sent in this format),

•  we recommend using the LZW compression when exporting TIFF files (if the graphic is sent in this format).


The graphic layout can be sent using one of the following options:

•  by e-mail (for files up to 10 MB)

•  by a web file hosting service (such as, etc.).

Please note the name of the Company and Product you want to customize in the file name. Also, please mention in the order the way you choose to send the layouts. Due to informatics virus risks, we are not able to receive layouts by stick USB, external HDD, DVD, CD, etc.


Please consider the following:

•   Files sent without a previous order will not be taken into consideration.

•   Excelexpo uses the files only to produce the prints/graphics. Your files are kept a maximum of 30 days from receiving, after which they will be deleted.

•   Please take into consideration that the colors of the graphics may slightly differ from the colors on your monitor or on other promotional materials, due to factors such as the type of the material to be printed, the ink type, print technology, your monitor calibration, etc. Therefore, we recommend all clients request in advance a FREE print sample (the cost of sending the sample is on the client account). The request must be sent with the order or after, but BEFORE sending the layout. Excelexpo cannot comply with requests received after starting to produce the graphics!

•   Please check carefully the layouts before sending or approving them for print. Sending the layout implies that you agree that the file is final and correct, complete, and good to print. Excelexpo cannot be held responsible for the content, form, quality, and resolution of the sent and approved layouts.

•   The client is responsible for compliance with the legal provision of intellectual, industrial, and copyright property rights (invention, innovation, brand, industrial design, logo, name, copyright, etc.) regarding the ordered products and/or their graphics; irrespective of who designed the layout: the client, Excelexpo or others.



Delivery details

The products are available for delivery after the production period. Estimated production time is mentioned in the “Production" field.


Delivery fee:

  - the delivery fee is at the courier company rate. For orders placed on the website, the delivery fee is automatically calculated depending on the weight, after the delivery address is filled in. For orders placed by e-mail or by telephone, the fee will be communicated in the quotation, or in the order confirmation.
  - in Bucharest, for orders of a minimum of 50 Euro + VAT, the delivery will be made free of charge by eXcelexpo.


Alternatively, the client may choose to collect the products from the Excelexpo location, either directly or by their own courier company, during working hours (L-V: 09:00 – 17:30). 


Delivery time:
  - 1 working day, from the date of the products' completion for locations in Bucharest,
  - 1-2 working days, from the date of the products' completion for locations in Romania, outside Bucharest,
 - 3-6 working days, from the date of the products' completion for locations in the European Union, depending on the country of destination.


For the rented products, the delivery fee applies for round-trip deliveries.


For details please access Excelexpo Delivery Terms.