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Sandblasting-type self-adhesive vinyl unprinted (price per sqm*)

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Self-adhesive vinyl that imitates sandblasting, may be cut in different shapes for customizing and decorating the glassed surfaces.

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Offices, living spaces, exhibition spaces, medical offices, retail locations, hospitality or school spaces can be decorated in a very creative way using self-adhesive vinyl that mimics sandblasted glass. This type of self-adhesive vinyl can be cut into different shapes and logos that can be combined and applied to different transparent surfaces. Unlike glass that must be disassembled and transported to the factory in order to be treated, the vinyl that imitates sandblasted glass is mounted on the spot, simple and fast, without inconvenience and discomfort. The sandblasted glass vinyl can transform a public space into a private area ensuring a higher level of privacy, it can be changed easily and with minimal discomfort, it is suitable for any type of glass, it does not change its appearance if it gets wet and doesn't pick up stains of dirt, as in the case of glass, making the area with sandblasted glass vinyl much easier to keep clean. Besides cutting into various shapes, the sandblasting-type vinyl can also be printed, making it not only a practical but also a very creative solution for interior design.

The sandblasting-type self-adhesive vinyl is a polymeric PVC foil with a thickness of 70 microns, matte finish and solvent-based polyacrylic adhesive, permanently. It has a translucent gray color and it is intended for long-life applications. This vinyl can be cut into the desired shape on the cutter plotter or it can be used without cutting it (when you want to cover the entire surface) and it is applied on transparent surfaces. It is a very suitable solution for blurring transparency and maintaining privacy without impeding the circulation of light. By cutting, it can be used to render texts, messages, logos or symbols and it can be used in any interior area such as schools, hospitals, hotels, living spaces, kindergartens, etc. By printing this vinyl, the desired ideas and personalization can be highlighted even more. Because the applied shapes are cut out, the background will be exactly the transparent support on which they are applied to and there will be no edges appearing where the printed vinyl strip ends. Because only the desired shapes can be achieved without covering the entire wall, this is a cheaper alternative to glass and other adhesive alternatives.


Due to its self-adhesive, no other gluing solutions are needed. This sandblasting-type vinyl's sticking is dry and clean. When shapes and elements are cut, a transfer foil must be used for the application. The self-adhesive vinyl is applied over clean and degreased surfaces.


We provide support and advice in order to identify or create the right vectors and the best images for the print. We check free of charge the sent layouts and adjust, where necessary, or offer recommendations. We also provide paid installation services with our team of professionals or provide free of charge support and advice for customer installations.

Along with ease of assembly and disassembly, versatility, lower price, and ease of cleaning, this sandblasting-type vinyl can be cut on the cutter plotter in the desired shape obtaining special shapes and customizations directly applicable on transparent surfaces, without other backgrounds.
* The displayed price is valid for 1 square meter and does not include cutting on the plotter. For cutting services see the Cutting on Cutter Plotter. Depending on the value of the order, additional discounts can be applied. The minimum quantity for this material is 5 sqm.

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